Serving Our Country and Protecting Our Communities Is What My Family Has Done for Generations

    In 1918, my Maternal Grandfather joined the Army and served our country during WWI in France. He later became a civil engineer with the Army as a civilian. After the war my Grandfather moved with his wife and five children to Arizona and settled in East Mesa. He continued to…

    The Mesa Police Association Endorses Mary Ann Mendoza

    The Mesa Police Association is proud to endorse longtime Mesa police supporter Mary Ann Mendoza in her campaign for the Arizona State House of Representatives serving LD9.

    Cindy Biggs Endorses Mary Ann Mendoza

    “Mary Ann Mendoza understands the issues facing our great state of Arizona and will be an asset working as a State Representative at our Capital. Her commitment to protect our Constitutional Rights, protecting our children’s education, standing up for Right to Life, election integrity and Securing our Borders are what…

    About Mary Ann Mendoza

    Mary Ann Mendoza was thrust into the illegal immigration fight when her son, Sgt. Brandon Mendoza of the Mesa Arizona Police Department, was tragically killed on May 12, 2014, by an illegal immigrant who was driving while intoxicated.

    Back the Blue

    As a mother of a former police officer, I personally understand the commitment and sacrifices that our brave law enforcement officers endure.

    Constitutional Rights

    I will always fight to make sure that any legislation being considered that would infringe on our Constitutional Rights be voted down.

    Election Integrity

    There must be legislation put in place that guarantees integrity in our elections: one person, one vote and in-person voting on paper ballots.

    Illegal Immigration and Border Security

    The State of Arizona has the right to make sure our border with Mexico is secured and safe and protect our citizens.

    Second Amendment

    I will fight to make sure our Second Amendment, as a Constitutional Right, is never infringed upon or compromised.

    Vaccines and COVID Mandates

    It is a complete overreach for federal, state or local government to mandate COVID vaccines and I will fight to protect our rights.


      October 17, 2021

      About Mary Ann Mendoza

      October 16, 2021

      Back the Blue

      October 15, 2021

      Constitutional Rights

      October 7, 2021

      Election Integrity

      October 2, 2021

      Second Amendment

      October 3, 2021

      Right to Life

      September 30, 2021

      Water for Arizona